Extol December 2019 - January 2020 | Page 14

GIVING WITH EASE THE EXTOL CHARITIES FUND When Extol debuted in February 2015, the team was determined to produce a “magazine on a mission.” In addition to publishing bimonthly print and digital editions, the staff collectively sought out ways to give back to the Southern Indiana community, a place each person called home. At first, that involved giving space within the magazine, on extolmag.com and via Extol’s social media outlets to highlight area nonprofits and individuals who were setting examples by going above and beyond. Soon, the Extol Team became invested in a select few charities and donated time or partnered with other local businesses to assist with events that would provide much-needed funds for deserving organizations. In 2018, the Extol Team delved into the mission and purpose of the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana (CFSI) and quickly realized what an asset the Foundation is to the community in myriad ways. The staff also learned that despite their small numbers, partnering with the Foundation could aid them in their charitable giving – and simplify the process. In late 2019, Extol launched Extol Charities, a fund of the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana, and has been able to provide monetary donations to three THIS IS AN ADVERTORIAL 12 EXTOL : DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 area charities already and is on a mission to help even more in 2020. “For nearly five years, Southern Indiana has supported our endeavor,” said Extol Editor in Chief Angie Fenton, “and we knew we wanted to find another avenue to give back. The Community Foundation’s President and CEO Linda Speed and her team have made our desire to return the support by making charitable contributions seamless and rewarding.” The process of partnering with CFSI is simple, added Angie. “We set out our goals, the Foundation explained what we needed to get started, we sent a short list of charities we wanted to support and the monetary gift designations, they ensured the good standing of the nonprofits and – just like that – checks were given to our chosen charities. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful for the Foundation ensuring we can give with ease.” At CFSI, we help individuals, families, and businesses give back in meaningful and impactful ways. Last year, CFSI fundholders granted more than $5 million to the many varied and individual causes that are important to them. Just ask the Extol Magazine Team.