Extol Issue #1 2022 | Page 60

us , no matter what we do ), but also allow you to figure out the most effective way to achieve what needs to be done .
This smarter work is what leaders need to focus on in the modern workplace . We don ’ t need a bunch of “ hardasses ” gritting through the day . We need nimble , flexible people who are able to diagnose problems and shift scope accordingly . Working on your ability to shift scope , rather than tough it out when things get hard , can help you succeed , thrive and become the leader you want to be . ---- I ’ ve spent the last decade in the nonprofit , philanthropy and education sectors working in various leadership roles . After earning my EdD in Organizational Leadership , I came to the Caesars Foundation of Floyd County as its Executive Director , where I work with non-profit , business and community leaders across the greater Louisville metro region . I ’ ve seen how leadership and the workforce is changing--especially through
this generation-defining pandemic that we ’ ve all been living with for the past two years .
We were already in the midst of a generational shift in the office as Baby Boomers began to retire and Millennials and Gen Z took their place , creating a gap in leadership skills and experience that spans sectors and industries . This trend only accelerated in the last two years , with the “ Great Resignation ” mostly driven not by younger workers but by older workers taking early retirements .
As the Great Resignation continues and the workforce changes , the culture of the office will change with it , along with what it means to be a leader . The younger generations , like all generations , will bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the workplace , and those more seasoned workers may struggle to connect with or effectively manage these Gen Z and Millennial leaders .
And for those coming up during this time , they may find that what they ’ ve been taught or assumed- -like something as simple as an old maxim like
“ the tough get going ” --may no longer apply .
I ’ m here to help . The modern workforce is tricky , especially if you are a recent graduate or a mid-level professional just trying to take that next step in your career . Your path will be much more circuitous than your parents and grandparents . But that ’ s ok . It will also come with more opportunities .
Trekking along this windy path will sometimes require more art than science . Leading people is never easy , especially in our increasingly virtual and uncharted workplace . But with the right guide , you can find your way and achieve all you want to achieve .
Follow along here as I write more about my experiences on what it takes to be a successful leader in these times . I ’ ll draw on not only my technical training and education on leadership , but also what I ’ ve seen and experienced as a young leader working in a multi-generational field .
I look forward to sharing more , and hearing from you .


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