Extol Issue #1 2022 | Page 54




BASKETBALL St . X players and coaches will teach defense and offense and hold daily games and contests . Guest speakers will also address the importance of self-motivation .
BASKETBALL PLAYER DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY Students will learn to push themselves to be the best while receiving instruction and performing drills that St . X uses in its high school program .
BASKETBALL SHOOTING CAMP Improve your game this off-season and learn shooting techniques used by some of the world ’ s best shooters .
BROADCASTING – COED Go behind the scenes to learn what it takes to put together and run a news broadcast . You ’ ll produce and assemble your own segments and broadcast on YouTube Live .
CROSS COUNTRY – COED Learn the latest training techniques from the 2020 Kentucky State Cross Country Champions . You ’ ll also participate in running games , interval workouts , and race strategy .
DRAMA Explore a variety of fun improvisation activities and skills that are used across the professional and theatrical worlds .
ESPORTS – COED Like Rocket League ? Work with an eSports coach on strategies and technical skills that will take your gameplay to the next level .
EXTREME SUMMER SCIENCE – COED Designed for middle school students , this camp teaches forensic techniques used in solving crimes , like lifting fingerprints and analyzing blood spatter .
FOOTBALL This premier noncontact camp stresses football fundamentals for all positions . You ’ ll learn blocking and tackling and play 7-on-7 .
FOOTBALL FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS St . X coaches and players will work with campers to develop the proper techniques it takes to play each position . Additionally , St . X coaches will conduct combine-type testing .
FOUNDATIONS IN PERSONAL FINANCE – COED Learn the principles of budgeting , saving , avoiding debt , and investing from nationally recognized financial experts .
LACROSSE Current coaching staff and former Tiger lacrosse stars help students hone their individual skills while focusing on “ doing things the right way .”