Extol Issue #1 2022 | Page 24

of spread out . “ The way we do it is just to learn as much as we can about the potential volunteer needs of various non-profit organizations and healthcare organizations , and then when people express interest in volunteering , we have lots of things to offer them .”
The opportunities for volunteers and the recipients are numerous , but at its core , the mission is as simple as what she was taught by her parents when she was a child : “ This is what you do : You give back .”
And back and back and back – and the rewards prove to be reciprocal .
“ It ’ s a proven fact that volunteering [ and ] having something useful to do – as opposed to playing golf all day ; you can ’ t play golf all day every day – it makes you feel healthier both physically and mentally , and it helps you live longer ,” Ceil explains .
“ There ’ s a lot of stats on that , [ but ] if you want a hardcore reason why to do it , it gives you a reason to get up in the morning ,” Ceil continues . “ If you wake up in the morning and think , ‘ It doesn ’ t really matter if I get out of bed right now , I can lay in this bed until 11 if I want to ,’ that ’ s not really good for you , and it starts , sometimes , a downward spiral . So , I would say to you : Put our phone number by your bed , and that ’ s the day you call [ RSVP ]. And we ’ ll find you something .”
And just like that the interview ends , and Ceil is off and running , surely on a mission to find more faces to add to the hundreds of others who are already impacting our community through RSVP .
Watch “ This Is SoIN ” at 7:30 a . m . April 23 on WBKI The CW for a special episode celebrating RSVP volunteers , featuring Ceil Sperzel and our volunteers of the year .
Congratulations to our volunteers of the year ! Jeanne & Michael Kovatch Carol & Richard Ralph Barbara & Frank Rauschenbach